Game Credits

Softography 1987 - 2019

2016 + Runescape PC MMO Jagex Outsource liason / general artist for this venerable MMO
2016 Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One, Win10 Microsoft Outsource liason / Environment artist. This game achieved a 91% metacritic score.
2015 Collapsed World (WIP) iOS Spiritlevel 2D/3D artist
2014 Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One Microsoft Outsource liason / Senior artist
2013 9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx iOS Hungry Moose 3D Backgrounds
2012 Idol Hands PC Intel Outsource liason / Senior artist / VFX
2012 Fluid Football iOS, Android Appy Nation More than 1.3 million downloads
2012 Adidas MiCoach PS3, Xbox360 505 Games Outsource liason / Senior artist
2012 Forza Horizon Xbox360 Microsoft Outsource liason / Senior artist
2011 Lets Dance with Mel B PS3, Xbox360, Wii Black Bean Outsource liason / Senior artist
2010 Crysis2 PC, PS3, Xbox360 Crytek / EA Outsource liason / Outsourcing artist
2010 Aliens Vs Predator PC, PS3, Xbox360 Rebellion / Sega Fastest selling game this year
2009 Star Wars Battlefront:Elite Squadron PSP Rebellion / Lucasarts  
2008 Alien Vs Predator: Requiem PSP Rebellion / Vivendi  
2007 Mercury Meltdown Revolution Wii Ignition As well as my usual art role, I also

designed core game mechanics and

several levels for this multi-award
winning puzzle game series.

2006 Mercury Meltdown PSP Ignition
2006 Mercury Meltdown Remix PS2 Ignition
2005 Archer Maclean’s Mercury PSP Ignition
2003 Pool Paradise PC X-box PS2 NGC Awesome / Ignition  
2002 Jimmy White’s Cueball World PC X-box PS2 Awesome  
2000 GP World PC Microprose Advisory role to external developer
2001 Grand Prix 3 PC Hasbro / Infogrammes  
1999 X-Com: E-mail PC Hasbro  
1997 X-Com: Apocalypse PC Microprose  
1995 GP Manager PC Microprose  
1995 Grand Prix 2 PC Microprose  
1995 X-Com: Terror from the deep PC PS1 Amiga Microprose Topped the Steam charts in 2009!
1995 Colonisation Amiga Microprose  
1994 X-Com: Enemy Unknown PS1 Microprose  
1994 Pirates Gold CD32 Microprose  
1994 Impossible Mission 2025 Mdrive SNES CD32 Microprose  
1993 Gunship 2000 PS1 Microprose  
1992 Harrier Jump Jet PC Microprose  
1991 David Leadbetters Golf ST Amiga PC Microprose  
1990 Outrun Europa C64 Probe/Mastertronic  
1990 Miami Cobra GT ST Amiga Interceptor  
1990 Predator 2 Mdrive Beam  
1989 Lancaster ST Amiga CRL  
1989 Bobo Spectrum Infogrammes  
1989 Apprentice C64 Ams, Spec Rainbow Arts  
1989 Operation Hanoi ST Amiga Interceptor  
1989 Viz Ams Spec Probe/Mastertronic  
1988 Skate or Die Ams Spec ST Amiga Electronic Arts  
1988 Shinobi Ams Spec ST Amiga Virgin Mastertronic Top selling arcade conversion
1988 Super Stock Race Ams Spec ST Amiga Mastertronic  
1988 The Last Stuntman ST Amiga CRL  
1987 Combat Zone C64 Alternative Software  
1987 Bigfoot Ams Spec ST Amiga Codemasters